Donations arising from our former 250 Club

The team operated a 250 club prize draw for a great many years but recently suspended the draw due to amongst other things the difficulty of administering and keeping records of the 250 club membership.

We have previously directly contacted all members of the 250 Club and also made announcements on this website that the Club has come to a sad end.

Since this time a great many people have continued to make monthly donations to the team rather than suspend their previous 250 Club monthly subscription.

The team would like to extend its thanks to all these individuals who have decided to continue supporting the team in this way.

As a result of this we are happy to announce the recent receipt of £52 in to the team from these collective donations.

We would also like to pass thanks to Mrs J Marsh, the mother of former team member Dave Marsh, who recently donated her 250 Club winnings of £12 to the team.

David Staff Memorial Charity Fell Race

Today the team provided standby rescue cover for the David Staff Memorial Charity Fell Race.

This fell race takes in a course over 5.1 miles including 1200 feet of ascent, centred on Jubilee Tower, Darwen and Darwen Moor.

The race organised by Jonathan Stubbs of the Darwen Dashers Running Club. (who are long time friends and supporters of the team) has an important aim in raising money for the childrens cardiac charity C.R.Y.

23 Full Team Call Out list members, one member of the Support Group and Paul Lawrence (a friend and supporter of the team) were on hand today along with our 4 team vehicles to provide cover for this event.

The race took place in poor conditions of low cloud and the ever present threat of rain and sleet showers.

149 competitors took part in the race, with one competitor suffering an ankle injury on the course, thankfully nearby to one of our vehicles, which transported him to the finish. A further two competitors received treatment for knee injuries at the event finish. (thanks to runner Mike Eaton of Wakefield, who kindly donated £10 to the team following treatment for his knee injury.
The team would like to wish all associated with this event all the best with their fantastic efforts with supporting the charity C.R.Y.

Next years event is scheduled for Sunday 28th November 2010.

Latest news on membership recruitment

We are still receiving on line membership applications to join the team for our late January 2010 intake.

To date we have now received 30 completed on line membership applications and 5 letters of application.

So far 10 people interested in joining the team have confirmed they will be present on Thursday evening 21st January and all day Sunday 24th January.

If you have made an on line application and have received an invite to the above sessions the team requests you return your booking form as soon as possible.

Retirement of Paul Brain

It is with great regret the team announces today the retirement of experienced team member of Paul Brain

Paul joined us on 1st November 2006 and this year after attending the MREW Party Leaders Course became one of our newest Party Leaders.

Paul was also a recently qualified emergency response driver with the team.

Paul behind the scenes has contributed massive help (along with Steve Fletcher and Dave Healey) with the teams website updates and IT matters.

Paul has left the team to concentrate on a possible house and job move to the Staffordshire area and we all wish him well in the future.

Although Paul has left the team as of today he has very kindly offered to continue to help where he can with the teams website duties.

Collection day at Tesco Middlebrook Store

Today the team held its last collection day of the year, with thanks to the staff and management of the large Tesco store at Middlebrook, Horwich.

16 call out list members (aided by Molly, the daughter of Team Member Sam McKay) and 9 Support Group members attended this collection, raising the fantastic sum of £546.21.

The team thanks all the shoppers who so gladly supported the team today, particularly in these recession hit times and the upcoming cost of the Christmas festivities.