Welcome to Bolton Mountain Rescue Team

Think “Mountain Rescue”, and you could be forgiven for not thinking “Bolton”.

Nevertheless we’ve been providing a volunteer search & rescue service, covering an area of over 800 square kilometres since 1968. There are over 150 calls on our service each year.


We cover an area from Darwen in the north to Manchester Airport in the south, Wigan to the west and the centre of Manchester to the east. It’s true – that sounds like a mainly urban area that you wouldn’t associate with “Mountain Rescue” however our patch contains quite a lot of moors and open land which is full of walkers, climbers, mountain bikers and horse riders.

And that’s not the end of the story. Believe it or not many of the incidents we attend aren’t on the moors at all. Whether it’s a 10 year old child who’s fallen off a rope swing and is stuck in a stream bed, an elderly person who’s been reported missing from home, or looking after stranded motorists on snowbound motorways, you’ll find Bolton MRT working alongside the police, ambulance and fire services of Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

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Our latest team information leaflet is available for download here too.