Base visit

Today Mrs. Christine Noone, together with her daughter and several of her friends, visited our Overdale base.
Christine had recently presented to the team a substantial sum of money in memory of her late husband, Peter.
It had been the specific request of Christine that the donated money be used in a specific area, and the team, delighted to so agree, had their two Troll Alphin stretchers completely refurbished. Together with this the team had also purchased a new state of the art pulse oximeter, as well as a set of vacuum splints. These were demonstrated to Christine and her friends.
Team member Dianne Blakeley, Team President Bob Hutchinson and Team Chairman Tony McNally welcomed Christine and her friends, all of whom expressed a lively interest in the activities of the Team.
The whole of the membership of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team are aware of the extremely generous support of Christine and her friends and we wish to thank then all for the kind help that they have shown towards us.