Incidents 49

Our work for the Commonwealth Games has now started, with the team already providing Standby Rescue covers for two Mountain Bike practice events. During the day we were called to two incidents. The first, at 09:35, involved an event marshall who had twisted her ankle. The second, at 11:15, was more serious, and involved a competitor in the woman’s race. She had collapsed due to heat exhaustion. Jointly working with the LAS paramedics, and the ATACC team, she was quickly taken off the course in a team vehicle and then transferred into a GMAS ambulance. The Saturday 15th June event, only required a small team presence of 13 members, but the Sunday 16th June event saw the full team involved alongside LAS, ATACC, and GMAS (with Helimed 08 available if required). 36 members were present, assembling at 07:30 in the morning and only finishing at 18:00 in the evening. As well as our 4 team vehicles, control trailer and catering trailer present, we also had two team member’s landrovers full kitted out with Mountain Rescue equipment, including stretchers, Oxygen, Entonox, Splinting and Casualty Bags.
Look out for news of our next event on Sunday June 30th at Rivington.