Incident 53/2002

In the evening, Greater Manchester Police requested the team’s involvement for an urgent search of a 32 year old male, at Top Lock, in Wigan. Just as the last few members of the team were arriving on scene, the radios buzzed into life – Dave Marsh, with Search Dog Chi, had found the man in the woodland. A stretcher party was immediately dispatched, but the man managed to walk off the hill, and was taken into a GMAS ambulance.
The successful find of the missing man was the first search dog find success for our two search dogs, Blue and Chi. Chi’s handler Dave Marsh was (obviously) over the moon with Chi’s “find”, particularly as it was such a quick one – ¼ hour from deployment – in such a densely tree planted area. Chi has been working as a search dog now for 3 years, and got the extra rations that night as well as big hugs off all the Marsh family.

The casualty is taken to the GMAS ambulance

Dave Marsh and search dog Chi, shortly after their find