Aerosafe jackets

Again updating an earlier report, on Wednesday 19th June, the team received a generous donation of two AEROSAFE “PULSELITE” protective garments (worth over £100). We are the first MRT in the country (indeed the world!) to try out these innovative state of the art garments, which entail 9xLED flashing lights set into a high conspicuity over-vest type garment.
Two types have been donated, one with 9x blue lights and one with 9x red lights, all marked up “MOUNTAIN RESCUE”.
Our initial tests are proving that these are a vast improvement over our existing high viz vests, both in conspicuity and to identify team individuals (i.e., our Team Leader on incidents.) The team is now looking to place an order with Aerosafe for more of these garments (which are also in service with the Police, Coastguard, and RNLI).