Mike Thomason is ordained

Congratulations to team member and Fundraising Officer Mike Thomason, who after 5 years at theology college, including study periods on the Scottish Isle of Iona, and teaching placements in Bangladesh and Fiji, was ordained to the Christian Ministry of Word and Sacrements and inducted into the Bolton West Pastorate of the United Reformed Church, at an afternoon service at Holy Trinity Parish Church, Horwich today.
The service, attended by over 350 guests, friends and many Church Representatives, obviously included representation from the team, including our Team Leader, President and other team members.
Mike will now minister to three churches in the Horwich and Adlington areas, as well as continuing with his valued fundraising role in the team, alongside his active call out list membership. (His pager is on mute during Church services!!)

This story also appeared in the Bolton Evening News regarding Mike’s ordination.

Fundraising Officer Mike Thomason – now ordained to the Christian Ministry of Word and Sacrements.