Incident 86/2002

While on a Team social weekend in the Lake District, 4 Team members were first on scene at an accident that had recently happened on Swirral Edge. They attended to the casualty and waited with her for the arrival of Patterdale MRT and a RAF Sea King SAR helicopter. The casualty was airlifted to hospital and the Team members and Patterdale started the walk back to Glenridding. As they approached Red Tarn, the distinctive sound of a helicopter came from the mist and it landed offering them a lift back to Patterdale’s base. They duly got onboard and were carried to Patterdale MRT’s base by RAF taxi.

Patterdale MRT and Bolton MRT prepare to load the casualty onto the Sea King helicopter from RAF Boulmer.

UPDATE Ruth Emery, the casualty from the above incident, has made a very generous donation to the team for their help in her rescue. We extend our warmest thanks and wish you a speedy recovery.