Incident 90/2002

Today saw us called by GMP to help evacuate a female with suspected broken leg and pelvic injury. Three Landrovers went to the Terraced Gardens in Rivington, to meet up with ex Team member Dave Kehoe, who is also a Sergeant with GMP.
We quickly arrived at the casualty site, to find that our casualty was an absolutely gorgeous 7 month old German Shepherd called Jazz. She had jumped over a wall and her owners and a passing phsyio thought she had broken her leg.
The Team placed Jazz onto a blanket and then onto a stretcher and carried her off to her owners car, a distant of approx a mile.
After much fussing over Jazz, we were reluctant to let her go, we waved her goodbye as she was taken to her Vets.

Jazz, is lowered in the basket stretcher, before being carried off to her owners car.