Bolton Civic Medal for Garry!

Our Team Leader, Garry Rhodes was totally surprised to learn on today that he is to receive a Civic medal from Bolton Metro, in recognition of his voluntary work over the last twenty years, within the Bolton Borough, as a member of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team. He has been invited to attend a lunch with the Mayor of Bolton and other members of the Civic Medal Awards Panel, on 17th December, followed by an invitation to the Bolton Metro Council meeting on 18th December, to receive his Medal. Speaking about the award Garry said “I am extremely delighted and very honoured on a personal level to be receiving this prestigious award. Whilst on behalf of all the team members I have worked alongside, I am also honoured on their behalf, that Bolton Metro has recognised the work of the team in such a very public and civic manner.

The last such medals were awarded in 1996, and are in recognition of those citizens who have performed voluntary work in the Borough for a number of years and whose efforts have not been recognised by other national awards. A full report on the Medal presentation will occur after the ceremony. [Garry’s mum is rumoured to be buying a new hat for the Civic Medal presentation !]