The weekend of 30th November/1st December, saw a unique gathering of ” senior ” ex and current team members in the North Lakes. Our 2nd in post Team Leader (TL 1969 – 1973), Derek Motorshead, was joined for a weekend of ” it was better then, youngsters today don’t know how easy it is “, by Geoff Sharp, who joined the team very early on in the late 1960’s, Geoff Seddon, our current deputy Leader, and TL 1973 – 1981, Bob Hutchinson, TL 1981 – 1983, Alan James, better known to all and sundry as “General”, a founder team member back in 1968, and a Team Vice President for Life, Ted Morgan and Ivor Makinson, both team members from the early 70’s through to the 80’s, and Linda Grundy and Margaret Huckins, both from the early 70’s membership of the team.
An honoured “guest” was present in the shape of Peter Durst, an interloper from Rossendale and Pendle MRT., (or Rossendale Fell Rescue Team as was known to the assembled gathering). Peter, an ex RFRT Team Leader and widely known for his SARDA activities, offered much help and advice to our team back in it’s early fledgling years.
Every one of these ex and current members are over 50, (well over in some cases), which is why the local MRT in the lakes, was asked to go to standby with wheelchairs and zimmer frames at the ready !!!! as these stalwarts went for a hill walk. (or was it just a gentle stroll around the town centre of Keswick ?)

And our ever youthfull current Team Leader Mr Rhodes…… well someone had to stay back and man the fort, besides which he was too young to be invited ! (and with only 21 1/2 years team service is still very much the “new boy” to this distinquished throng!).
Hints of making this an annual reunion depends entirely on rest home bed space availability at their next function venue!
of course this article is brought to you anon !!!!