Presentation to Green watch, Stretford Fire Station

What’s 26 metres high and has smiling faces at the top of it ? and the answer: the working platform on the end of a fully vertical boom on a GMC Fire Service “Simon Snorkel” or to give it it’s proper name an Hydraulic Platform Vehicle, the smiling faces belonging to our team members who were taken aloft for a birds eye view of Trafford Park.
All this happened at yet another of our team vehicle and kit demonstrations to GMC Fire Service, this time to Green Watch at Stretford Fire Station, where we were also joined by the pump crew from Sale Fire Station. The presentation was again well received by the Fire crews present, who were amazed at the range of our skills, variety of call outs, and extensive search and rescue equipment. For us the highlight was the opportunity to go up in the “HP” ( although it was an absolutely bitterly cold evening ), other of our newer members were shown around the other Fire Appliances at Stretford fire Station by the firefighters present.