Bolton Civic Medal

saw our Team Leader Garry Rhodes received his Bolton Civic Medal. Garry’s account of the day follows beneath, here is the Bolton Evening News article on it.

On Tuesday 17th December, our Team Leader, Garry Rhodes, was honoured to attend a Civic Luncheon at Bolton Town Hall, as a Bolton Civic Medal recepient, at the invitation of the Mayor of Bolton, Councillor John Walsh, OBE. Amongst other recepients, guests also included the Mayoress of Bolton, and fellow Councillors of the Mayor, including Councillor Donald Clarke, who instigated the awards in 1978. Garry commented that the “meal and company were excellent, and he was honoured to be dining with the Mayor and other guests.”
At the conclusion of the luncheon, Garry was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, for his partner Ann, who could not attend the Luncheon due to work commitments.

The following evening Garry was back at the Town Hall, this time to actually receive his prestigious Bolton Civic Medal, awarded for his service to the local community, within the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team, over the previous twenty years. (plus a bit !). The award of a Bolton Civic Medal is relatively rare, with only a small handfull having been presented since 1978, so Garry was not only honoured at the ceremony, but also quite nervous !
The medal was presented at a full meeting of Bolton Council, and Garry had as his special guests, his partner of ten years, Ann, his Mum (she did’nt get a new hat in the end !), his brother Andrew, and the Team Chairman, Tony McNally. (unfortunately having suffered a recent heart attack, Garrys Dad could’nt attend, but his brother Andrew, videoed all the proceedings for Dad).
Garry had the opportunity to make a brief thankyou / acceptance speech at the ceremony, and unbelieveable as it may seem to those who know Garry, we have it on good authority from Tony McNally, that he did indeed keep his speech “very brief“.

Garrys pride, both personal, and on behalf of the whole Bolton team membership, at receiving this award, is very evident, and the final word from Garry ? Well for those in the know it’s “this is one medal Al Sylvester can never get !” (Al Sylvester, he of the RAFMRT, latterly TL of RAFMRT Kinloss, a friend of Garry from way back in 1983 – only joking Al.)