Incident 28/2003

On Sunday afternoon, 16th March, whilst 2 team Landrovers were out & about in the team area, a member of the public (on motorcycle) approached us, and reported a motorcycle accident at Wards Reservoir in Belmont. One vehicle was immediately dispatched to the area, whilst the second vehicle confirmed that there was already a statutory emergency services response in progress. Arriving on scene at the same time as the Lancashire Constabulary, LAS & GMAS resources, our members assisted the paramedics with the casualty, who lay on the banking at the side of the road. He was immediately placed onto a spine board and transported from the scene via an LAS ambulance. Our members were also involved in closing the road between Rivington and Belmont, untill further police resources could assist. Sadly, confirming our suspicions, the causalty was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.