Annual General Meeting

Our AGM was held on Wednesday, 19th March, courtesy of the 25th Bolton Scout Group, who allowed us to use their HQ for the second year running for this important team meeting. The presentation of Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medals and MRC Casualty Care Certificates, to those who had missed the Bolton Mayor’s reception, due to being in Scotland at the time, started proceedings. It was then onto our Team Leaders, Chairman and Treasurers reports. Both our Team Leader and Chairman commented on the developments within the team over the last year, and in particular our M2002 Commonwealth Games involvement. Both also reported the time was now right to replace our ageing minibus with a more appropriate new vehicle, as well as introducing a complete new team personal clothing kit. (in MRC corporate red!). They both also mentioned that we should embrace the opportunity, given the healthy state of our finances, (and assuming GMP do indeed fund and replace our radio kit with new high band equipment) to purchase a Control Vehicle, in place of our existing Control Trailer.
Garry Rhodes was re-elected as Team Leader for his 15th year of consecutive service in this demanding post. Geoff Seddon was re-elected Deputy Leader, alongside the re-election of Tony McNally as our Chairman (both are now in their 12th year of consecutive service in these posts). Ann Shaw remains our Training Officer, but was undergoing some training herself at the time, being up in Scotland on a winter climbing week centred on Ben Nevis. The re-election of all other post holders, (except for Mike Marsh who stood down as Communications and Lighting officer after many years of dedicated service) says a lot for the stability of the team, and the success of having the right people in the right posts ! (if you are wondering who took on Mike’s role, it was Dave Healey, our Secretary, ever a glutton for team work, and who now holds two team council positions – but only one vote, as our chairman was quick to remind him!).