Incident 33/2003

On the early evening of Sunday, 30th March, the team was called out to assist GMP, in a search for a missing 5 year old boy, on the outskirts of Bolton (at Chorley Old Road, the area opposite Morrisons store). Initial police enquiries were followed by a rapid escalation of the police resources involved, including the police helicopter, traffic and dog units, to back up divisional officers. The team was called to assist this increasing effort, and 25 team members immediately responded, including our search dog team “Chi” and Dave Marsh, his handler. As the team arrived on scene, along with more police resources, the missing child was located nearby, apparently unconcerned and playing on a scooter! He had been missing for over 5 hours. Mention must be made of the very large number of local people who joined in the search, and helped wherever they could.