The Old sees what the New are doing

Out with the team again (for old times sake) on Sunday 30th March, was Derek Mottershead, our second Team Leader from way back in the 1970’s. Alongside another ex Team Leader (and current President) Bob Hutchinson, and our ever serving current Team Leader Garry Rhodes, Derek was treated to a tour of the team area in one of our well equipped Landrover First Response vehicles (only a dream to Derek when he was in the team), as well as taking part in a future joint exercise planning meeting at Wilton Quarries with the Fire Service, (GMCFS Horwich). Although we shouldn’t think such thoughts, we were rather hoping for a quick rescue job to show Derek how the team now operates, but events were not to be. (Sod’s law – as soon as Derek left our Overdale base, to journey over to Yorkshire to see his son, we got called out to incident 33, not that we did much more than arrive, get stood down on scene immediately, turn round and go back home! See report below).