Hong Kong visit…

Early in April our treasurer, Ged Clarke, disappeared to the Far East. In fact, he was visiting Hong Kong to deliver distance-learning seminars for his college. During his spare time in HK, Ged followed up an e-mail contact with the Hong Kong Mountain Search and Rescue Team.

Mr. C.M. Tam (Assistant Tactical Force Commander 1 of the Hong Kong Civil Aid Service) arranged for Ged to visit the Hong Kong MSRT. Dr Tam with the support of senior officer “Pink Panther” gave Ged a most informative tour of their training facilities, equipment stores and operations rooms at the Kowloon base. Unfortunately, the front-line members of the team were involved in the management of the SARS outbreak with the team taking responsibility for the transfer of public away from infected areas.

Members of the HK MSRT at their base preparing for their SARS support role.

At the end of Ged’s visit there was an exchange of team shirts, and Ged was presented with a detailed 50th anniversary Hong Kong team report.

Ged Clarke & Dr C M Tam exchange Team shirts.

Since the withdrawal of the RAF team from Hong Kong in the 1960’s the Hong Kong MSRT has developed along similar lines to British teams. They maintain strong links with the MRC and many of their members have attended training in the UK.

You can find out more about the Hong Kong team by using following link:http://www.cas.gov.hk/eng/emain.html