Descision made on BM4 replacement

On Wednesday 30th April, the team membership voted in favour of a Team Coucil proposal to replace our ageing Renault Minibus Ambulance, with a brand new Landrover 110 County Defender. This will now be ordered in May, once we have determined our exact order specification. As per our other Landrovers, this new vehicle will have a MRT stretcher carrying, complete with casualty on board, capability. It’s primary role will be as a nine seater personnel carrier, with a secondary ” self contained ” rescue vehicle role. ( of our existing vehicles, two are 5 seaters, and one a 2 seater ).
This means soon we will be operating an all Landrover 110 Defender fleet, of ( all purchased new ) purpose built MRT Search and Rescue configured Ambulances, all with an impressive off road capability. Watch out on our website for news of this important order by the team. Our Team Leader reports that he is ” looking forward to it coming into service, and the extra capabilities and additional operational flexibilities it will give the team “. Our Vehicles Officer, Ken Oakes meanwhile is looking forward to a reduced workload, given that repairs etc., to keep our minibus going, occupies a lot of his time !