Incident 40/2003

Whilst out & about in the team area on Sunday 4th May, one of our team vehicles was approached by a member of the public out walking on Winter Hill summit, whose companion had begun to have a reaction to some food that he’d eaten very recently. On inspection it transpired that the casualty was suffering from anaphylactic shock, probably brought on by the food. The team made contact with GMAS and requested an ambulance to attend. The casualty was transported by one of our vehicles to meet with the GMAS ambulance at Chorley Old Road. Interestingly, this incident marks the first time that the team have worked with the volunteer members of the GMAS “First Responder” scheme, where members of the public are trained to use defibrillators and are called by the ambulance service to respond to incidents where the presence of a defibrillator might be useful.