GMCFS presentation

Today, 12 Team members took part in another presentation to GMCFS, this time to Blue Watch at Wigan Fire Station. Garry Rhodes and Mike Marsh took part in a presentation to the watch in the fire station, whilst one Team Land Rover ambulance was stripped and the contents put on display outside for the Firefighters. As is usual on occasions like this, the appliances were called away to an RTA on the M6, so we started to pack away our equipment. But, we soon heard the unmistakable sound of the appliances returning some 10 mins later, the reporter of the RTA had given the wrong junction on the M6 and this stations resources were no longer required. So we carried on demonstrating our kit to them.

Garry Rhodes gives an insight into the MR equipment we carry to Blue Watch Wigan & Hindley Fire Stations.