Another GMCFS presentation!

11 Team members gave a presentation to Control room staff of GMCFS, on behalf of the MRT’s that operate in the Greater Manchester area. It involved a Powerpoint presentation of who, what and where facts of how the MRT’s can be of help to the Fire Service. Then each group came out to meet the Team and was shown the equipment. One person stole the show, all the ladies from the Control room, instantly fell for our scruffy Search Dog Chi.

Search Dog Chi demonstrates how he can be winched up, assisted by handler Dave Marsh.

6 Team members were shown around the Control room facility. It started off very quiet when we arrive, but then in a matter of seconds 6 red lights appeared on the screens. The Supervisor pushed us out of the way, knocked on a window where the other half were having their Powerpoint presentation and a flood of women rushed out and total calm reigned across the room as all emergency calls were answered. Dave Healey was quoted as saying ’He had died and gone to heaven.’ Why ? we asked him, ’all those computers, technology and women in uniform !!!’. Our thanks are expressed to the Control room staff for taking the time to explain to us what happens when you ask for the Fire Service via a 999 call.

Garry Rhodes talks about the MR equipment to the GMCFS Control room Staff, with Chi stealing the show.