Holyhead “Sea Cliff Rescue” course…

Over the weekend of September 5th, 6th, 7th, team members John Carlin and Mark Parry, journeyed to Holyhead on Anglesey, to take part along with colleagues from other MRT’s including The Republic of Ireland, on the annual Sea Cliff Rescue course organised by HMCG Holyhead / MRT 83.
Taking place on the big sea cliffs near Holyhead, the course covers the HMCG approach to cliff rescue, and involves the local Inshore and Offshore Lifeboats, and the Sea King Rescue helicopters of C Flight, 22 Squadron, RAF.
The Bolton team always tries to support this interesting annual course, and also benefits from meeting other rescuers and swapping tales over a pint, (or two !!)
Unfortunately for our Mark, he actually got to see how the Coastguard carry out rescues, when towards the end of the course on Sunday, he had a simple slip, resulting in a very serious lower leg fracture, a Sea King helicopter evacuation to Ysbyty Gwynedd hospital, and an operation to pin his fractures. (nine pins and a plate !!!!).
He now faces a long recovery period, and we all wish Mark a quick return to the hills again. (and yes, this accident will feature in our Team Leaders ” Gotcha ” awards at next years annual team dinner, because we are a caring team !!)

Here we see a typical Coast Guard setup on top of the cliff.

Team member John Carlin reports on the weekend –

A good time was had by all on the HMCG course at Holyhead this weekend and much was down to the lucky breaks in the weather and the excellent working relationships brought together by the participating groups which included Dublin-Wicklow MRT, RAF St Athan MRT, Oldham MRT, ourselves and invited members of various HMCG teams from around North Wales. Much of the weekend was spent dangeling from the end of ropes some 90 feet high carrying out numerous rescue techniques as practiced by the Coastguard service or travelling at speed through the Irish Sea on the new toy in the area, the 7 man high speed ‘fly’ which spent much of its time out of the water skimming the waves! Unfortunately the Seaking rescue helicopter was called away during Saturday due to callouts in the mountains but not to be outdone Mr Parry (by hook or by crook) was going to get his ride even if it meant falling 4 feet in an awkward fall and badly breaking his tib/fib! 30 minutes later Mark was being treated at Gwynedd A & E Dept in Bangor. Get well soon Paz. Ps. Team Leader ..Can we please please please have a motorised winch for the stretcher raises.. they are FAB! Special mention also to the help of Dublin-Wicklow MRT and to Holyhead MRT 83 many thanks and see you soon.

Webmasters note: Mark always seems to end up in a helicopter when out of the Team area but on behalf of the Team. See the rescue on Hellvellyn, the rescue in Ogwyn Valley. Those big parrafin budgies need to have Pazza’s Taxi written on the side. But seriously get well soon Mark form all your mates in the Team