On top of the world! (but not quite Mt. Everest….)

Today saw the team in the somewhat unusual urban situation of Salford Quays (Salford Docks or the Port of Manchester as was) complete with our climbing harnesses, helmets and crag kit on, at the base of two tower cranes!
Joint with our close MRT colleagues at Oldham MRT, and organised by Oldham MRT members involved in Industrial Rope Access Training and Rescue, both teams were present to undertake Tower Crane familiarity training, with regards to our role assisting Greater Manchester County Fire Service, in possible rescue operations on tower cranes.
Joined by a Divisional Officer, from GMCFS’s Technical Department, the day was a success, with climbs to the top of one of two towers we practiced on, giving a superb viewpoint over Greater Manchester, from 70 metres up, or 229 feet , if like our team Leader, you also think that way !
Besides familiarity climbing and rescue kit hauling up and down the towers, including getting used to the exposure on the rear boom, ( ” not so much enjoyable as just something you have to do, ” stated our Deputy Leader, Geoff Seddon), the nine Bolton members present along with the Oldham members, also practised abseiling from the two towers, from low and high anchor points, at various heights on the structures.
One of the two groups under instruction, also carried out numerous casualty lowers, utilising a training dummy, from the outside of the 70 metre crane. (the other crane was 76 metres high).

Members of Bolton & Oldham MRT, gaze upon the surroundings in Salford, from their lofty vantage point of the tower crane. Yes, Craig Lamb has just spotted his house from there !!!

If you are visiting the Salford Quays area on September 21st, look skywards at the two tallest tower cranes, and you’ll see both teams on their second practice session on the towers.
Our team leader, whilst at the end of the tail boom, was heard to say, “If my Mum could see me now she’d go crazy at me !“, another quipped “why do I put myself through this,” before abseiling off into space !