New Rescue Team Visits Bolton MRT

3 very tired team members – Chris Tennant, Bob Hutchinson, and Mark Dooley, played host, all day, to Jim Gallienne, Team Leader, and Andy Brelsford, Chairman of the Cornwall Rescue Group, who were visiting MRTs in the North West. The Cornwall Rescue Group is the latest rescue team to form in the UK, and is due to go fully operational very shortly, following Andy and Jims’ fact finding tour of various MRTs. The two enjoyed a full tour of the teams’ area, a look at the teams’ vehicles, equipment, and two base locations, rounded off with an evening social walk with the team followed by the inevitable pint at Roddlesworth. We wish Cornwall Rescue Group every success in its first year of operations.

We would also like to express our thanks for the plaque given to Bolton MRT from Cornwall Rescue Group, in support of their start on the MR ladder.