Special General Meeting

On the evening of October 1st, we held a Special General meeting to elect a new Treasurer and new Fundraising Officer, to replace respectively Ged Clarke and Mike Thomason, Ged standing down due to college commitments and Mike due to work.
Both have done a fantastic job during their tenures in office, Ged having “control” over the most money the team has ever held in its accounts, (which is now being rapidly eaten into with all our new purchases), whilst Mike’s lasting claim to fame must be the “Toner Appeal”, his own little baby, that with your support and his organisation and coordination has raised the team the tremendous total sum of £15,894.28, since Mike started the appeal in 1997.
We welcome to our team council, our newly elected Honourary Team Treasurer, Mark Scott, and our new Honourary Fundraising Officer, Mark Dooley.
The team then held a General Meeting to accept plans to undertake building works at our GMAS Ladybridge Hall premises, in order to enable us to operate from this location as our Base / HQ, with garage space for two vehicles. (alongside of course, our Bolton Fire Station base).
These plans were accepted, and we hope now to appoint a builder to commence works soon, to the plans drawn up by ex team member (and Architect), Mike Williamson. (Keep a look out on our website for news of this exciting team developement).