MPSRO “Foundation Course” weekend

Over the weekend of Friday 17th October to Sunday 19th October, our ten “trainee team members” journeyed deep into Rossendale & Pendle MRT territory, to take part in the joint BMRT / RPMRT Foundation Course for new Team Members from each team. (or rather those with 1 year or less MRT experience).
Held in Barley Village at the foot of Pendle Hill, the course benefitted from excellent weather ( well it did break into horrible drizzle on Sunday afternoon ), and the fantastic organisational talents of the course organiser, Paul Heywood of RPMRT, ably assisted by fellow organiser Ann Shaw of our own team.
Joining the course, were instructors and helpers from both teams, including our Team Leader, Garry Rhodes, and Mike Marsh.
Trainees also attended from Calder Valley team, along with more excellent instructors, and their usual band of ” exercise casualties “, ( will Rebecca’s Spinal injury ever get better ! ).
Making the long journey north, and being most welcomed, were trainees and their Deputy Leader, Hugh, from North East Wales Search and Rescue Team, who cover the Denbigh Moors and Berwyn Mountains areas of North Wales, besides lowland searches in Cheshire.
Covering both indoor and outdoor sessions, in equipment, techniques, history, organisation and methods, the course was deemed a huge success by all involved, whether that be trainee, instructor or exercise casualty.
As usual the local pub proved to have very flexible closing hours, the effects of which were faced on both mornings by a huge fryup breakfast supplied by the excellent RPMRT catering team.
All on the course were presented with a Certificate, to which our Garry Rhodes was heard to mutter, I’ve attended 1 of these yearly courses as a trainee, and 16 as an instructor, and I’ve yet to receive a certificate !!! ( maybe they are trying to tell you something Garry !!!! )