Donation in the memory of Liam Robinson

On Wednesday, we received the news of a large bequest to the team, in the memory of Liam Robinson, who was accidentally killed at work, aged 35 years old. Liams’ hobbies included mountain climbing and motor rally driving. Donations to his memory were made by his family and many friends and associates, with his family requesting that ourselves, Langdale Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team and the North West Air Ambulance all be beneficiaries of the donations made.
The actual donation amount is still being arranged by accountants, and we will report this in due course.
The whole team extends its fullest sympathies to the family of Liam, including his parents who live in Tockholes, and his two sisters, one of whom lives in Bolton, the other in the USA.
The team will discuss with Liams’ parents on how we will use this large donation to best remember Liam.