Famous on BBC GMR!

On Thursday, our Chairman Tony McNally, ever seeking fame and fortune, went live on air, when he was interviewed by BBC Greater Manchester Radio, about the work of the team. His moment of stardom had a double bonus, for he found himself being interviewed by the reason you can never speak to Tony between 6.30pm and 7.00pm every weekday evening, that’s because he is watching out for his favourite weather presenter, Diane Oxbury on BBC Look North, and who was he being interviewed by, yes you’ve guessed, Diane on her radio programme. (our Team Leader, another Diane fan, was very jealous of Tony when he found out!!!!). The radio interview was judged a great success, the presenter gave out our website address, quote “as a very interesting site to visit”, and a quick glance at our guestbook pages will confirm that at least one listener followed that advice.