Incident 91/2003

We were called out 15:26 by GMAS to provide urgent assistance at a moorland road RTA, alongside Scout Road, Wilton Quarries, where it was reported a vehicle had left the road and was down a steep hillside.
A duplicate call to this incident was also made by GMCFS, to assist their resources despatched to the accident.
Multiple GMAS, GMCFS and GMP resources responded, alongside 30 Bolton team members.
Unfortunately the male driver died in the accident, and our Deputy Leader, who had arrived after the Ambulance and GMAS RV, and prior to the GMCFS resources arriving, assisted the Ambulance crews, with Firefighters to stretcher carry the driver up to the waiting Ambulance.
The actual location was not as difficult to reach as initially thought, and most of our personnel were stood down en route, one team vehicle had arrived at this time, along with a small number of team members.
The NWAA – “Helimed 08” was also called to this incident but stood down prior to arrival.
Although a very tragic accident, this incident again demonstrated the multi agency approach to certain incidents within the Greater Manchester County area.