Incidents 1-10/2004

The Team offered personnel and vehicles to GMAS & LAS during the New Year Eve & early hours New Years Day. GMAS utilised us for three incidents before midnight and 10 after midnight. One thing with New Year cover is that you could end up anywhere in the county, or as Chris Moody found out one year two counties away !! As usual the incidents called upon were varied and different, the weather was cold, snowy & icy and the 4 wheel drive capabilities of the Landrover ambulances certainly paid off. The MR operation was controlled from the Control trailer based at Bolton Central Fire Station, our thanks are expressed to the Staff, Officers & Crew on duty that night for allowing us to be there.

The three calls before midnight saw the highest ever incident numbers in the Teams history, of 102. We should point out that we dont include Calls for incidents that are not in our Team area and therfore passed on tothe neighbouring Team or minor First Aid incidents that occur in the many Standby Rescue Covers we do, otherwise the figure would be a lot higher.