Incident 13/2004

Sunday saw most members helping moving into Ladybridge Hall base when during a late morning call to our team leader by GMAS, who had received a call involving a cardiac arrest, near to Peel Tower, Holcombe, we all disappeared to this incident. Rossendale & Pendle MRT were also called, and upon arriving at scene we were greeted by a Territortial Army officer, as a member of their party from the 207 Field Hospital, TAVR, had collapsed whilst on a training exercise on the slopes below Peel Tower. Paramedics were already on scene, and the team was tasked, alongside RPMRT members, to evacuate the unconcious casualty to the nearby track in a Bolton MRT Landrover ambulance and then into a GMAS Ambulance at the nearest roadhead, at the base of the hill.

Team members from Bolton MRT & Rossendale & Pendle MRT, unload the casualty from Bolton MRT’s Landrover.

Team members load the casualty into the GMAS Ambulance.