Ladybridge base

After building refurbishment works had finished, the team started the task of moving into our new Base / HQ premises at Ladybridge Hall, located within the grounds of the GMAS Ambulance Training School.
This entailed the all day movement of material in storage at our Bolton Fire Station garage premises, since our move out of Overdale, to Ladybridge, interupted late morning by Call Out 13, see details below. (Our first incidentally from Ladybridge, albeit we are not yet fully operationally working out of the premises)
With all our many ” bits and pieces ” installed, our one remaining task is to finish off paint works to the actual garage part, which should see our two Landrovers, currently in open secure parking at CMB Westhoughton, installed in a heated locked garage, by early February. (Thereby joining their two other colleagues which are parked up in Bolton Fire Station).
At this point we can declare Ladybridge Base / HQ fully operational. (Although an “Official” openning is some way off yet, watch out for news about this important event).

Work is also due to start soon on ” Phase Two ” of our Ladybridge works, namely the installation of toilet and washroom facilities, co located with a vehicle washing equipment store, in a small outbuilding immediately next to our main base. (This “small” building is actually bigger in its own right than the total area available to us at our former Overdale premises)
Photographs of the latest developments at both our bases can be viewed in the specific area on this website.