Ladybridge progress

Works are continuing at our Ladybridge Hall base, to ready everything for our April 25th Official Opening, with on going painting and base radio installations all taking place. Phase 2, the provision of a toilet block, will start soon, helped considerably by the donation of toilet fixtures and fittings. (the donation of necessary pipework is in the “pipeline” so to speak.)
If any reader would like to assist us in equipping our Base, we’d still like to equip our second upstairs lecture room with a Video/DVD player, to duplicate the facilities we have in our main lecture room.
On the domestic side, with (seeming) acres of new carpeting (all donated), we have a pressing need for a vacuum cleaner to replace the one we currently have. (Rolls Royce Jet Engines run quieter than the vac we use at the moment!)
Another want, beyond the teams’ budget and fundraising priorities at the moment, is a digital VGA projection system (to be used by Microsoft Powerpoint, etc.), which will greatly enhance the presentation facilities at our base. Who knows – a Fairy Godmother might just be reading this!
Once all works are finished, and currently cross legged team members (and visitors) have a toilet to use! We will be advertising Base Open days on an occasional basis, where our many supporters, friends and others with an interest in the team can drop in for a chat and see what we are about.