Potential new team members introduction day

Following invitations sent out to over 25 persons who had expressed an interest in joining the team since last summer, eight persons turned up at our Ladybridge base on Tuesday evening, 23rd March. The evening revolved around a powerpoint presentation, and videos about the workings of the team. All were then invited to attend a “practical day” the following Sunday to gain a greater insight into just what being a team member entails.

Members of the Public who have expressed an interest in joining the Team, get hands-on experience of carrying a Troll Mountain Rescue stretcher over typical terrain.

Well, the eight became five by Sunday morning! They went on to enjoy what the day held in store, including a simple navigation and hill fitness check, two practical stretcher evacuation exercises, BLS and CPR practicals, personal equipment requirements (and a quick check to see what was in their rucksacs!), and a full demonstration of all the search and rescue equipment carried on one of our First Response Landrovers.

Now they get chance to try out at a casualty site..

The team currently has two membership vacancies, and we are now looking at the application forms submitted by the five, prior to making our selection, and will invite 2 to attend as probationary team members.
The on line membership application form has been removed from the website until such time we require new members again.