Team gets airbourne

Ten team members who joined the team relatively recently set off for RAF
Leconfield hopeful that the threatening inclement weather would not spoil
their aspirations: to receive training on operating with an RAF Sea King
helicopter in winch rescue scenarios. RAF Leconfield is home to RAF Search
and Rescue Force 202 Squadron (’E’ Flight) and Officer in Command Squadron
Leader Mike Nash and his colleages hosted an excellent training session for
After informative briefings and dry-run demonstrations and practice
involving a Sea King in the squadron’s hanger, the training flights began
for real. All ten team members experienced entering the craft while its
rotors were spinning, take-off, flight around the base including steep
banking, then being lowered (with full team kit in rucksacks) from the craft
on the winch, then being called back by the crew to be winched back in to
the craft. Flights lasted 20 minutes – every minute a valuable preparation
for the next time our team work alongside their RAF colleagues on real

RAF Leconfield demonstrates with the help of Alastair Greenough how a harness is fitted.

We are very grateful to our colleagues in E flight for making us so welcome,
for the excellent training we received, and for the hospitality that was
extended to us. To our E-flight colleagues: anybody fancy a job swap? ūüôā

Members being winched into the Sea King whilst its hoovering above their heads.