Base opening preparation

Sunday 25th April will see the Official Opening of our Ladybridge Hall Base / Headquarters by Derek Cartwright, Operations Director of GMAS. This will be a memorable occassion for us, and already we have a huge list of guests, who have confirmed their attendance, alongside team members and their families. ( MP’s, GMP, GMAS, LAS, RAFMRS, GMFRS, recent ” casualties “, team friends, supporters and associates, ex team members and parents of team members, to name but a few ) All today was spent dusting, waxing, polishing, painting and repainting! preparing, cleaning, etc., etc., whilst work with our brand new toilet / shower / washroom block is proceeding at a pace that would outshine ” Challenge Anneka ” ( if we do not finish it by Sunday we are going to have a lot of cross legged guests ! ) At the moment all team members are praying for a fine sunny Sunday next week, to compliment what we understand will be an excellent buffet that is being provided to follow the opening ceremony.