TV Stars once again.

Well the day was rounded off with a visit by Granada Reports who did a live insert into the main programme from our Base. Airtime was given to Garry ’I’ve been on TV’ Rhodes, Geoff ’I might have just had my hair cut for the day’ Seddon. It gave us the cahnce to meet Deborah Garlick whom we rescued from a sledging accident in 1996, with spinal injuries, and gave Derek Cartwright a chance to say what he thinks of the Team (PS he likes us).

Elaine Willcox (Granada Reports Reporter) shares a joke with Geoff Seddon and Derek Cartwrightt.

Elaine Wilcox, from Granada Reports, gave a sterling performance with these diehard media luvvies and we found out shes a local lass as well.

Garry Rhodes & Deborah Garlick get their 15″ of fame on Granada Reports.

Our thanks to Granada Reports and all the crew and Elaine for this wonderful bit of prime time exposure on regional televeison, I suppose it does help having someone in the industry who can help us with this, so thanks Dave !!