Incident 29/2004

GMAS paged the Team for assistance on Winter Hill with a male who was reported as fitting. Together with a GMAS RRV & Ambulance (With Team member Pete McKale on board, in his day job) the Team also worked with the North Yorkshire Air Ambulance Helimed 99. Helimed 99 managed to land next to the casualty and their Paramedics quickly attended to the male casualty, who was in a diabetic coma. (It was subsequently established he had been out overnight since the previous day, when his wife had reported him missing). Our Deputy Team Leader Geoff Seddon & Team Member Pete Ellwood went to the casualty site to get the mans dog, before Helimed 99 departed for North Manchester Hospital.

Now when the Helimed crew phoned the casualties home, little did we know that Roger Clegg GMP Search Manager was actually interviewing the mans wife, with a view to calling us out for a search for the man. Oh well, this started us off on the right foot for this very important day.

BMRT assembling to hear the location details for this missing male.