Introduction to “Mountain First Aid” course

At the request of “Trafford Walkers”, the team put on a Mountain First Aid awareness course for the interest of this local walkers group. An interesting night was had by all who attended, judging by the feedback forms. Alistair Greenough and Jim Wareing presented the sessions, based on their team experiences and their respective careers in the A & E Department at Warrington hospital, in the case of Alistair, and many years with GMAS, in the case of Jim. Team members Chris Gaskell and our Fundraising Officer, Mark Dooley also assisted. Mark was particularly delighted to receive a cheque for £100.00 from Trafford Walkers, alongside a cash donation of £20.00.

A presentation is run, covering basic life support, at our Ladybridge base, to the Trafford Walkers – and is followed later by a practical exercise.