Incident 36/2004

Whilst we were in the closing stages of Incident 35 (see above) GMAS called the Team Leader for assistance with a casualty some distance away from the nearest access point for the GMAS Ambulance at Jumbles Reservoir. Two vehicles responded immediately from the above RTA, followed by our other two vehicles once clear of the previous incident. On arrival at Jumbles Reservoir we found a GMAS crew had found the casualty some distance away from the car park, luckily for us we could drive a Land Rover MR Ambulance to the cas site, where an elderly male was found suffering from heat exhaustion having previously collapsed and vomited. The casualty was trasnported back to the GMAS vehicle, together with the GMAS crew, in a Bolton MRT Land Rover Ambulance.

Team vehicles and a GMAS ambulance meet at the rendez-vous point at Jumbles Reservoir