Incident 41/2004

GMFRS initially contacted the team, for the information of the team, regards a call passed to them via LFRS. They were responding to a report of a car hanging over a ledge. Our Team Leader provided local area knowledge support to GMFRS, which was sent to their responding appliances. Meanwhile, 3 team members in the immediate vicinity also responded, with some personnel at our two base locations also ready to respond if required by the Fire Service.
More information from the caller assisted with locating the site, with LFRS also now on scene. It transpired that a driver had tried to take a small van up a rough four wheel drive hillside track at Rivington. The vehicle became stuck on a small rock on the track – and the driver then called the Fire Service! Both GMFRS, LFRS, and our 3 nearby team members were stood down. (and apparently the Fire Service did have a chat to the driver regarding calling them out, when the AA or RAC would have been more appropriate!)