Mount Kenya Sponsored climb for the Team

James Crossley, the brother of long time team member, Eddy ( who has recently retired from the team ) is attempting to climb ( successfully we all hope ) Mount Kenya in Africa, this August. Through sponsorship, he currently has £1,200.00 promised, to be split between ourselves and a Cancer Care home, which is a fantastic sum of money.

James Crossley, who is to climb Mount Kenya in a fundraising drive for the Team.

James departs on the 28th July, with a return scheduled for 16th August. Mount Kenya is a challenging climb ( much more so than the more popular to climb, Mount Kilimanjaro, also in Africa ) and all within the team wish James a safe ascent and descent. ( with fingers crossed for a clear view from the summit )
Should any of our readership be interested in sponsoring James, sponsor forms are available at “Campcraft, Newport Street, Bolton” alternatively contact our Fundraising Officer Mark Dooley @