Almost a Team incident.

Team Member Dave Sarti & wife Vicky were on their way to the above collection, when they witnessed a serious RTA on the moorland stretch of road, near Belmont. David contacted Lancashire Ambulance, and also provided first aid for the injuried motorcyclist, whilst Helimed 08 and a land ambulance responded. The motorcyclist had a serious arm fracture and suspected ’C’ spine injuries. LAS control reported to T.L. Garry Rhodes that David had done a splendid job up to the ambulance’s arrival. This goes to show that we are never off duty and our skills could be required at any time.

Postscript by Webmaster: David is on his way to Corsica at the time of writing. He’s hoping it will not be as bad as his visit to India in 2002, where he found a body floating in the sea. That was almost our 100th incident that year, but getting a log number from the Indian Police Force was not very easy!!!