Incident 58/2004

In the early evening, the team was contacted by GMAS, and also by LANCON, with regards to the report of a person in the water at the Blue Lagoon, (Ward’s Reservoir) Belmont.
The team responded very quickly, and joined a multi-agency response also involving GMAS, LAS, Helimed 08, the LANCON Air Support Unit (ON99), GMFRS (including their boat from Eccles), and LFRS.
A joint operation involving the team with GMFRS Water Incident Unit was undertaken, which located and recovered a male teenager from underneath the surface of the water. He was airlifted to the Royal Preston Hospital in Helimed 08, where tragically he was pronounced dead on arrival..

A BBC News article on this incident can be found here…

GMFRS personnel searching the Blue Lagoon

The now usual scene of Bolton MRT working alongside GMFRS & GMAS on incidents

The RIB of the GMFRS Water Incident unit leaves the water after removing the casualty

Helimed 08 departs the scene of the Blue Lagoon incident with the casualty on board