Belarus Visit

Well the team may not be very proficient in the Belarussian language, but smiles all round certainly got us off to a good start, as the team played host to children from various parts of Belarus who have in some way been affected by the events in Chernobyl.

Quick photocall before a trip out in the Team area.

After photo calls at the base, parties went out in team vehicles for a tour of the team area, taking in Winter Hill, Rivington and some off-road driving on George’s Lane. The team offers its apologies for the shoddy radio protocol during this period, since the air-waves were commandeered by the children, who conversed at length in their own language! (Over and out).

John Carlin monitoring the radios to see if the Belarus Ambulance Service may reply back.

A fantastic display by Dave Marsh and search dog Chi then followed who always manage to steal the show. We think we ‘found’ all our visitors!!

Search dog Chi with two new friends.

A touching gesture was that some of the children filled in our base visitors’ book, but as yet, we have not managed to interpret their comments!
Many thanks go to GMAS and the staff at Ladybridge Hall for hosting a generous buffet spread.
The team gratefully received traditional gifts from Belarus (which are now on display at our base), and in exchange the children were given team base-ball caps as a memento of their visit, which is part of a month long stay of fun filled activities in this country.

Our visitors and our giftys to them of Bolton MRT base-ball caps.

Bolton Mountain Rescue Team wish all our Belarussian visitors all the very best for the future. Come back soon!!!