Bolton Taxi Drivers’ trip to Southport

Five members of the team, search dog Chi, and two Landrover Ambulances were
present at the send off for this year’s Bolton Taxi Drivers’ trip to
Southport. In this annual treat children have a day trip to the coast
travelling in a long line of colourfully embellished taxis. The team were
there with the ambulance service to add interest to the occasion as the long
and impressive precession prepared to depart. Children had fun inspecting
the insides of two team Landrover Ambulances, pressing every button in sight
and adding to the noise of the taxi’s horns with our rather louder sirens!
It rained heavily, but nobody was allowing this spoil the fun. The team
vehicles then joined the rear of procession which was being escorted by
police motorcyclists, and returned to base as the children continued their

Team member Pete McKale shows 2 youngsters around BM2, prior to the Taxi Drivers’ trip to Southport.
Where’s your hat, Pete? Everyone else is wearing one!