Help with two relatively minor purchases

Thanks to a wonderful donation from Milliken, our new base at Ladybridge has always benefited from a fully carpeted entrance, stairwell and upstairs and in order to keep this looking clean and tidy we have the regular domestic task of an almost daily vacuum (you imagine 45 pairs of boots tramping over your carpets). A donated 2nd hand vacuum cleaner has now completely given up the ghost on us and with all our available funds earmarked for PFD’s (see above) we are appealing to all of our supporters to donate that unused second vacuum cleaner they might have as a spare lurking unused in their house, if you can help please contact our Fundraising Officer Mark Dooley on

On a similar theme, our laminator (an A3/A4 type) broke down on us whilst in use on the River Bollin search. We use this essential piece of kit to laminate Team display material but more essentially to protect search paperwork and maps during incidents. Despite our best efforts it is damaged beyond repair and again with respect to our available funds being earmarked for PFD’s the replacement purchase price of £100 is beyond our immediate means. Perhaps somebody could help ?