Incident 67/2004

At 14:50, GMAS requested the Team’s assistance at an off-road motorcyclist incident at the former Cutacre tip, at Over Hulton, where, along with the responding GMAS crew, we discovered an injured male motorcyclist, who had suffered a dislocated hip.

Team members, Helimed and a Doctor from Royal Bolton Hospital all work together in perfect harmony.

In a joint operation with the GMAS crew on scene, Helimed 08 and a A&E doctor (airlifted urgently to the scene, in Helimed 08 from Royal Bolton Hospital) this very serious injury was reduced on site by the Doctor working in association with the GMAS & Helimed paramedic crews. (Various pain killing drugs were administered on scene).

Team member Paul Jorgensen holds the casualty’s leg in a comfortable position, as a result of suffering a dislocated hip injury. But, why is Paul smiling ?

The Team & ambulance crew on scene were faced with the initial difficulty of the casualty, with this serious injury, lying at the bottom of a deeply incised gully, requiring teamwork & stretcher handling skills to extricate the casualty. The casualty was airlifted to Royal Bolton Hospital.

Our thanks to the North West Air Ambulance for allowing us to use their photos of the above incident