Fantastic Grant support from Bolton MBC

We are extremely pleased to be able to report today, that Bolton MBC., through its Voluntary Sector Grants Scheme 2004 / 2005, has awarded the team major matching funding support, towards our purchase of additional Personal Floatation Devices, ( Lifejackets ), which are needed to safeguard all our team members, whilst engaged in waterside search and rescue operations. ( and training ). this linked to the very generous financial support of our friend and sponsor ” DT ” means we can now go ahead and order 27 additional PFD’s, including a tailor made model for our Search Dog ” Chi ”
Our thanks go to all in the Bolton MBC Chief Executives Support Team, in particular, Eileen Barton, Voluntary Sector Support Officer.
Look out for more news on this item, once our purchase is made. ( we believe this will make us the only UK MRT to be issueing every single team member on our Call Out list with a PFD, which is a vital piece of personal PPE, given some of the environments we now operate around, and with regards to the recent waterside operations we have been called out to ) Once again a big thanks to Bolton MBC and ” DT ” who together have made possible this purchase.